About the MCLS

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A message from our President

The MCLS is a student-run organisation within the law school that aims to provide a platform for students who are interested in, or wish to further engage with, the role of China in the Australian legal context. Our committee aims to connect like-minded students with each other and professionals working in legal fields relevant to China through numerous events we host throughout the year.

Some of our key events include:

  • Chinese language classes for all skill levels;
  • Seminars on issues in Chinese law with legal professionals;
  • Networking events, connecting students with legal professionals working in China or China-related fields;
  • The Chinese Language Negotiation Competition;
  • The International Case Study Competition
  • Social events for members and non-members including the inaugural Baker & McKenzie Dumpling Eating Contest

We are open to all law students enrolled in Melbourne Law School. For more information, you can find us on Facebook or directly contact us at mcls-enquiries@unimelb.edu.au

We endeavour to assist students and to provide advice about careers in China. If you have any suggestions as to how we can help you, feel free to shoot us an email – we’re always happy to listen.

Lachlan Smith


Melbourne China Law Society